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When university students are taken out of their comfort zone and come face to face with new ideas, skills, and cultures, they increase their own understanding of the world and further develop their critical thinking abilities.

This type of volunteer experience requires teamwork, develops the student’ leadership skills, and empowers them to become active global citizens. Not to mention the value of international experience that can be added to your resumé.

Our university group volunteer programs are designed to fully immerse and challenge students in contrasting environments. Typically trips are one to two weeks in length and are varied, exciting and tailored to ensure that students have a life-changing, memorable and positive volunteering experience.

We have a thorough understanding of intercultural issues that may affect your students and have worked with universities from all over the world such as Duke University, Stanford University and Northeastern University.

For a more educational take on things we have developed a separate range of service learning group programs that focus on the educational elements more heavily, which follow a curriculum, and include pre and post-trip elements, under the GVI international service learning brand.

Not a university group? We have plenty of programmes for individuals looking to join a group. Have a browse through our exciting programmes here.

We are delighted to partner with GVI for our premier program abroad, TCU Global Academy. We appreciate GVI’s responsible and respectful approach to community engagement which perfectly aligns with TCU’s vision of developing ethical, socially responsible and socially aware, global citizens.

Sandra Callaghan

Director of the Center for International Studies at TCU

My name is Megan Cable and I work at Ohio State alongside Brittany Savko. I was the staff lead for our May trip with GVI Costa Rica. I wanted to write to you to let you know we had an excellent experience. Our GVI guides, Luis and Rachel were PHENOMENAL!! Please pass along my praises! Luis quickly became one of my favorite people of all time. His knowledge and leadership skills enhanced our trip tremendously. He was so patience, flexible, professional, and kind. I cannot say enough good things about him! We also very much enjoyed our time in Quepos and Cocal. It was a wonderful experience for our student-athletes and staff to be immersed in the culture of Costa Rica. I just wanted to send this along so your staff knows how great our experience was and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Megan Cable

Assistant Director at The Ohio State University


Travel to Tenerife where groups will work to support marine conservation projects while being surrounded by the culture and biodiversity of the Canary Islands.
Program Type : Schools, University
Travel to Giannitsochori where groups will work to support coastal conservation projects while being surrounded by the beauty and culture of Greece.
Program Type : Schools, University
Discover the beauty and culture of Cambodia as groups work to support local community development projects.
Program Type : Schools, University
Explore the tropical region of southern Thailand and contribute to vital conservation efforts.
Program Type : Schools, University
Discover Phang Nga when you travel to Thailand and contribute to the education of local impoverished children by improving the community's non-formal education centre, helping to transform it into a key place of learning
Program Type : Schools, University
Explore the fascinating country of Nepal while working to improve educational facilities in local schools and on other community initiatives.
Program Type : Schools, University
Discover iconic Cape Town and immerse yourself in a South African township community while supporting our long term projects though vital construction initiatives, improving infrastructure and children's learning environments
Program Type : Schools, University
Travel to Costa Rica and contribute to our long-term conservation projects while enjoying life in the remote, jungle region of Jalova.
Program Type : Schools, University
Travel to Costa Rica and contribute to our long term conservation and community projects while learning Spanish and enjoying life on the Pacific Ocean's coastal town of Manuel Antonio
Program Type : Schools, University
Travel to iconic South Africa and gain insight into both wildlife research and conservation activities as well as critical community development initiatives before embarking on an awesome four day safari trip
Program Type : Schools, University