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Women Empowerment Internships Abroad

Women’s Empowerment initiatives are a great way to explore the world while experiencing new cultures and contributing to a sustainable cause. Our women's empowerment interns get a chance to develop themselves personally and professionally through hands-on field gender equality and women's rights initiatives and experience that can boost a future career!

Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Women's rights play an important role in achieving gender equality throughout the world. Our passionate interns participate in projects focusing on empowering women from disadvantaged communities around the world through educational enhancement, health care education, and social enterprise and income initiatives. You can gain hands-on practical and leadership skills, immerse yourself in the local language and culture, and contribute towards your university qualification or future career. If you are a student and interested in our women’s empowerment programs, be sure to enquire about receiving academic credit for your internship.

Our women's empowerment volunteer projects have proven to be very popular and are expanding throughout the world and we now offer women's empowerment internships in South Africa, and we also have gender equality programs in Asia, including countries like Nepal, India and Laos!

Please note that GVI has a Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy that is implemented on each program. As part of the policy, participants will be required to complete a DPS check, Police Clearance, or a National Background Check where necessary, and to comply by the policy. We also follow strict health and safety policies.

Join a GVI Women's Empowerment Internship abroad and gain:

  • Comprehensive staff mentorship, feedback and evaluation on an individual, self-directed project
  • Hands-on field training for sustainable development, teaching, and conducting workshops
  • Real-world experience working with women in disadvantaged communities
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) Training
  • Development of collaborative, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills with our GVI Leadership Course
  • A professional recommendation for future employers upon completion of the course
  • The potential for field employment following your internship