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GVI Fellows

We partner with leading academics in their field to ensure that our programs are in line with the latest sustainable development best practices. In turn we also provide these world-class intellectuals with access to subjects of study for furthering their research. Each fellow is assigned to one of our locations around the world, based on their field of study and the activities in that particular location.

Meet Our Current Fellows

Bryan McAllister

Bryan McAllister-Grande received his Ed.D. and M.Ed in higher education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), where he was also a Spencer Foundation Early Career Scholar. He is currently coordinating HGSE’s Civic and Moral Education Initiative and co-editing a book on civic education and research. Bryan’s work examines the moral and ethical aspects of internationalization, as well as the history of modern schooling and the relationship of education to civil society. He also earned a M.Ed. from HGSE and a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Bryan is assigned to GVI Nepal Pokhara.


Julian Clifton

Julian Clifton is a Senior Lecturer at University of Western Australia’s School of Agriculture and Environment. He has twenty years of experience in teaching and research, with specialised interests in marine conservation, marine resource management, coastal community development, and marine protected areas. He has worked in Indonesia, Seychelles, Australia, Myanmar, central America and Brazil. He has published over fifty articles in academic journals and edited books on these topics, including the first interdisciplinary analysis of social and natural science in Indonesia’s marine protected areas.

Julian is assigned to GVI Seychelles Mahe and Curieuse.


Rebecca Jarvis

Currently Program Leader and Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Conservation Science, as well as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Auckland University of Technology & Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Rebecca Jarvis specialising in the human dimensions of effective and inclusive conservation, socio-ecological systems, and how science can be used more effectively in governance and decision-making. She has worked in multicultural teams in Oceania, Europe, Madagascar, and Antarctica, including leading a marine conservation research programme in Madagascar. Not only is she known in academic circles by having spoken at numerous conferences and contributed to many papers, but also to the general public as she was featured on National Geographic’s series Continent 7: Antarctica in 2016.

Rebecca is assigned to GVI Fiji Caqalai.

Kenneth S. Rogerson

Kenneth S. Rogerson has been teaching at Duke University since 1998 and currently holds the position of Associate Professor of the Practice of Public Policy. Earning his Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science in May 2000 from the University of South Carolina, his more recent work has focused the interaction between on social media and politics specifically social media as a tool for social change.

Kenneth is assigned to GVI India Kerala.